Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Website Review: Shoplately.com : one stop destination for the fashionista in you!

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Today I will be introducing a website which is a one stop destination for the fashionista in you: Shoplately.com This website hosts a wide array of products ranging from cool bags, designer jewelry, shoes, clothing, accessories, you name it and you have it. The only downside is that they do not ship internationally yet. They ship only within the US but they are working to go international soon! So all you lovely readers from the US can enjoy shopping from them and go ahead and check out this review. 

Read on to find out more.

About Shoplately.com:

We are a fashion marketplace on the web, selling trendy products from unique designers. We provide merchants small and large a place to sell their goods and a place for shoppers to explore everything from clothing, to shoes, to accessories. ShopLately brings new, hot, and affordable fashion to you daily. So shop now, shop often!

Website Review:

This is not just a normal online shopping website, it is a hub where buyers can buy and sellers can sell. Isn't that awesome! It is a one stop online shopping market. The website is well categorized into sections viz. Jewelry, Bags, Scarves, Hats, Shoes, Clothing, Makeup products, Hair accessories, belts, etc. This categorization makes the website easy for navigation and browsing. They have banners on the homepage which display the latest trends and offers which navigate you to the offer page or the featured products page. You can follow other users, buy and sell items. It is like an online shopping community where you interact as you shop. They have such beautiful items hosted on the website. I immediately fell in love with the jewelry collection. They have amazing stuff at great prices. All you need to be a fashionista!

Below are some glimpses of the products hosted on this website. For the entire collection, visit Shoplately.com.



Final Verdict:

All in all I loved the website, the look and feel of it and the concept of making it an online marketplace where sellers can even sell their products. I just wish they start shipping internationally soon so that I can grab all the awesome stuff hosted on the website. For those who are in the US, this is an awesome place to shop online. Head over to Shoplately.com and bring out the fashionista in you!

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P.S.: Shoplately.com does not ship internationally yet. They ship only within the US. They are working on it, though.

Disclaimer: I was contacted by an affiliate to review this website but my review and opinions are honest and not influenced by any factors.