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Review, Swatches, FOTD: Maybelline Colorsensational Pink Alert Lipstick in POW 4 - inky pinky pow!

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I have been MIA on and off and I feel so bad about it. I am so swamped with work that I am not able to give much time to write here and the weather plays a spoil sport when I want to take pictures. It rained like crazy for the past 3 days here in Pune. All thanks to global warming, we are experiencing sudden mood swings of the weather. Well enough of random rants and let's get straight to the review. Maybelline Pink Alert Lipsticks have launched four pink shades viz. POW 1, POW 2, POW 3 and POW 4. I picked up POW 2 and POW 4 because I thought they would go well with my skin tone and I am happy I made that choice. Today I will be reviewing the shade POW 4 from this range. I am probably one of the last people reviewing this much raved about lipstick from Maybelline. I am totally in love with this new range as they have come up with such versatile and perky pinks. 

Read on to find out more:

Product Description (from official website):

Amp up your lips in the hottest pink. In 4 bright pink shades.
· PASSIONATE PINK COLOR only from our vivid color pigments
· CREAMIER FEEL only from our nourishing honey nectar

Price: 375 INR for 3.9 g.

Buy online at Nykaa here .

Shelf Life: 36 months.



I absolutely adore the pinky girly packaging. The hot pink lipstick bullet looks so beautiful. The shade number is inscribed on the top end of the cap. The Pink Alert text is written on the plastic wrapping the lipstick comes in. I just wish it was imprinted on the lipstick cap. I just removed the wrapping from beneath to keep the letters on the cap. Silly me :D

My Experience with Maybelline Colorsensational Pink Alert Lipstick in POW 4:

Whenever I used to see someone wearing neon lipsticks, I used to wonder how it would look on me. Maybelline Pink Alert lipsticks are the answer to my question :D I love how beautifully the neon undertone adds a fresh look to your face. These lipsticks are what every girl should have in her stash because it will suit almost all skin tones nicely without looking OTT. The 4 shades are versatile and unique in their own way. So lets check out the details:

Shade: The shade POW 4 is a beautiful neon coral pink which instantly brightens up my complexion. It is best suited for spring and summers when you are in for a play of colors. It is bright but still toned down making it perfect combination of pink and neon. It might appear slightly different in different lighting. On me it comes out coral in natural lighting but slightly pink with blue undertones in sunlight. I see myself reaching out for this shade quite often because I can't seem have enough of it :D

Texture and formula: The formula of the lipstick is smooth and soft. It is not very creamy unlike its other counterparts in this range but does not tug or pull while application. It glides on easily and can work even better on exfoliated and moisturized lips. The texture looks creamy when freshly applied and sets to a semi matte finish after couple of minutes. The semi matte texture makes sure that the lipstick clings to the lips without staining the lips heavily.

Pigmentation: POW 4 has good pigmentation. I think this will work better on pigmented lips as compared to other shades. Two swipes give excellent color payoff. I usually prefer to apply with a lighter hand because it could look more 'neony' if layered up. All in all it is well pigmented and can be built up to cover entire pigmentation on the lips.

Staying power: This lipstick is my savior when it comes to staying power. It survives drinks, coffee, snacks, meals everything! That is a huge deal for me because I am bad at keeping my lipsticks intact on the lips. It starts fading after 5 hours but leaves behind a beautiful coral stain which stays on for a considerable amount of time. On me it has stayed on for 4-5 hours with minimal fading.

Hand swatches:

Lip swatches:

As I already mentioned it looks a little different in different lighting but more or less it would look like the upper section (coral) of the lip swatches on everyone :)


This is how POW 4 looks on me when applied with a light hand.


* POW 4 is a lovely coral hot pink with neon undertones which will suit almost all Indian skin tones beautifully.

* Good staying power of 4-5 hours after which it leaves behind a beautiful coral stain

* Well pigmented. Two swipes are enough to cover entire pigmentation on the lips.

* The texture is smooth and glides easily without pulling or tugging.

* Semi matte finish which looks smooth on the lips.

* Priced reasonably. Hats off to Maybelline!


* None!!!

Would I recommend this product?

Yes! This lippie will suit almost all Indian skin tones beautifully so go ahead and rock hot pink lips ladies!

Would I repurchase this product?

I already have picked up POW 2 and would definitely repurchase this shade if ever I am able to finish this off :)

My Rating: 5/5

So go ahead girls paint the town pink with these Maybelline Pink Alert lipsticks!!

Have you tried Maybelline Pink Alert Lipstick in POW 4? How was your experience? Do share your thoughts via comments.

P.S.: Did you notice my pinky teddy says 'I Love Pink Alert' ? :D

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