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Review, EOTD: Basicare false eyelashes (style A) review: perfect for beginners!

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I developed fascination for falsies when I started watching YouTube beauty videos and beauty gurus flawlessly applying fluttering falsies which gave sudden oomph to their look and bam! I got a pair for myself. Now the problem was whether I was ready to try them on yet! No, I wasn't because I wasn't quite sure whether I could pull them off. But after almost an year of battling with my mind, I pulled them out from my vanity and used them for the first time :D So today I am reviewing the first ever false eyelashes I tried: Basicare false eyelashes in style A which are perfect for beginners and for those who want those fluttery lashes without going overboard. It was my first attempt of applying false eyelashes and I am not bragging but I did quite well :) So let's move on to the review.

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Product Description:

*Reusable & easy to use
*Extra adhesive included

No mess, no waiting - just touch on the lashes and go - a fully lashed look in seconds. Ready to wear are ideal for first time users or for keeping in your handbag for an on the go day to evening change.

Method of Use:

Apply eye-makeup before putting on false eyelashes. Grasp lash band with a tweezers and gently peel from storage tray. Check for fit first by applying without adhesive and trim if necessary. To shorten, cut along the outer edge.

To Remove: 

Gently peel off lashes from the outer end of the band. Remove the hardened adhesive from the band and place lashes back on storage tray for re-use.

Price: 200 INR (254 INR on some online shopping sites)

Available online here and here.


These falsies come in a small kit which contains the lash pair and adhesive tube. It is quite convenient to carry as well as it is not much bulky and can easily fit in your handbag. The lashes are glued on to the storage tray when you open it for the first time. You have to peel them off from the tray for use.

My Experience with Basicare false eyelashes in style A [Code no 1092]:

I was so thrilled to finally try on falsies and I knew these basicare false eyelashes are perfect for beginners like me because they are light weight, easy to use and quite natural looking. These lashes are not very dense which contributes to that natural fluttery look which looks beautiful without going overboard. The lash glue that comes with this kit is excellent and hassle free. It has a slender tip applicator which gives precise application of glue to the falsies. It is made up of natural rubber latex and hence very safe to use on the eye lids. The only downside of this glue is that it remains white even after drying so you have to make sure you go over it again with your eyeliner to hide the white band after you have applied the lashes. These lashes are super soft and blend easily with my natural lashes provided I curl them properly with an eyelash curler. They are easy to remove as well. I did not pull them off directly instead I used a makeup remover and gently wiped them off my eye lids. They came off without any hassle. These are pretty easy to clean as well. Since the glue is made up of latex, it comes off easily from the lash band with the help of water. I used them once I noticed a slight bend and distortion in the shape due to the curling looking at which I believe I can use these at least 10 times before discarding them. For me these lashes really boosted my confidence of sporting falsies and now I am ready to go for more dramatic ones. These are indeed a beginners best friend. Since they look so natural and yet give that required oomph to your eyes, they can be used for daytime looks as well. I am really very happy that I bought these and gave them a try. They add the necessary drama to the eyes without looking made up. A big thumbs up from my end!



* Perfect for beginners since they are quite natural looking yet add required oomph to the eyes.
* The lash glue is made up of natural rubber latex which makes it safe for using on the eyelids.
* The glue comes with an applicator which makes application very easy.
* These are easy to remove and easy to clean.
* Reusable lashes which would go upto minimum of 10 uses.
* Super affordable! Falsies at this price are like hot cakes!


* The glue does not bond the lashes very tight so there is a chance of them coming off if you accidentally touch or rub your eyes.

Other than that I really don't find any con in these falsies.

Would I recommend this product?

Yes! Especially if you are a beginner, do grab it ASAP. You will be happy to use these.

Would I repurchase this product?

Yes but I will try more dramatic ones next time.

My Rating: 5/5

All in all, I am pretty comfortable using false lashes now, all thanks to Basicare falsies! These look amazing and can make wonders to your eyes. You know those small things in makeup which can really change the way your face looks, these lashes are one of them. They will enhance the eyes without going overboard and add that zing to your eye makeup. Highly recommended!!!

Have you tried Basicare false eyelashes (style A) or any other falsies? How was your experience? Do share your thoughts via comments :)

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