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Website Review: Shop Products from USA in the comfort of your home from Global Products, Local Delivery!

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I always feel disheartened when I find some products which I want to buy and they are not available in India. I am sure many of you would have gone through this same feeling. I was very happy to have been introduced to by an affiliate of the website. I checked out the site and was really thrilled about the fact that I can order hassle free from US without having to worry about extra charges for customs, shipping, etc. iBhejo comes to the rescue when you want to order products from popular US brands without having to worry about the customs process.

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About (from website):

BHEJO  [bhay-jo] Hindi verb send to someone; to deliver a package.
Bhejo, LLC. is a registered corporation in the United States. Like our name suggests, we specialize in procuring products from the U.S. and delivering them directly to consumers based in India. We offer customers in India a simple and efficient way to purchase products not normally available in India. We are committed to serving you with the best prices and fastest delivery possible.

We partner with various fulfillment services providers and resellers in India and the U.S. to procure genuine products at the best prices and deliver them to you as fast as possible. In some cases we may deal directly with suppliers in other cases we will purchase from qualified retailers.  In most cases unless specified in the listing, we have not partnered with or maintain a direct relationship to the brands mentioned.

Our customer service center is located in Mumbai, India and are available at the above times to handle your queries.

My review of the website: is one of the most unique Indian e-commerce website which guarantees express delivery from US to India without having to pay extra for customs and hassle-free delivery since they ensure that the product will be delivered at your doorstep without any intervention required from the buyer after placing the order. Initially you may feel that the products are a bit expensive but I can definitely vouch for the fact that it includes customs and shipping and the price which you pay is the net price (no additional costs involved). Why I can vouch for this feature is because I recently have had a horrible experience of ordering via a website which ships internationally and my products are still stuck in the customs (I had to submit various documents including authorization letter, justification letter, etc.). The price which I have to pay once I receive the products is still unknown and the courier partner quoted a huge amount which made my eyes pop. So if iBhejo is promising no additional costs then it is the best feature ever!

Categories of products hosted on the website:

There is a wide array of products available on the website belonging to categories such as Mobiles, Electronics, Computers, Watches, Health & Nutrition, Cameras & Optics, Footwear, Fashion, Bags, Beauty (consists of makeup, skincare, haircare, etc) Jewelry, Home & Kitchen, Perfumes, Gaming, Children and all from well known US brands which are not easily available in India. The list is huge isn't it? :) I love the fact that they have catered to requirements of customers from various backgrounds and those who are in search of a variety of products.

The categories branch out to show sub-categories and I liked how organized it looks and makes it easy to browse through products. The products range from makeup, skincare, designer watches, imported shoes and apparel, etc.

One of their featured products are designer watches which you can check out here:

Website design:

The website has been designed keeping easy navigation and user friendly options in mind. They have provided alphabetical index for Brands which makes it very convenient to browse through various brands available on There is also a category index on the home page which provides easy navigation to check out products belonging to the category you are interested in. They have also included a page of FAQs which I think is a very considerate thought because it helps answering various queries we might have before making a purchase. All in all I liked how easy and user friendly they have kept their interface.

Brands hosted on the website:

There are various brands associated with the website: Dior, Mac, Oakley, Milani, Makeup Forever, Tissot, Thalgo, etc. to name a few. The list is huge! You can check out the brand index on the home page for more information.

Brands starting with D:

Brands starting with M:

Brownie Points feature of the website:

The website offers an amazing feature of requesting an item (from US based websites listed on their site) if any of the product you are looking for is not available on That is so cool! This makes it the best ever online shopping portal to order from US because I don't have to worry about non-availability of products I want from US.

How it works:

The benefits to you are:

Access to products not available in your local area
Competitive prices
Guaranteed Delivery with PayGuard Protection
Delivery of you international item within 2 weeks

One fixed price for your purchases

The shopping process is very simple and hassle-free. Refer the flowchart below to know more:

Final Verdict:

I am planning to buy a lot of stuff soon from this website. I loved the features and the fact that we do not have to worry about customs and shipping makes me very happy after having a bad experience earlier with a different site which ships internationally. I am glad I came across this website and I am sure you all will love it too. Do check out their website here.

I hope my review was helpful.

Have you all tried shopping from iBhejo? How was your experience? Do share your views in the comments.

Disclaimer: I was contacted by an affiliate to review this website but my review and opinions are honest and not influenced by any factors.

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