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Review: Aroma Magic Activated Bamboo Charcoal 6 in 1 Pack - 6 amazing skin benefits in a single pack!

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I am so happy to get featured on iFabbo in their weekly favorites of the week feature here!! yaay!!  Feel so good to get recognized, doesn't it? :) Well, coming to today's review, it is about a face pack from Aroma Magic which claims to address 6 problems and their solutions. The active ingredient in this face pack is activated bamboo charcoal powder making it a black face pack! Yes Black! It makes you look like an alien when you apply it lol ;) I never thought I would ever fall in love with a face pack which is black and makes me look like one of those cute blackface creatures in Tom & Jerry (I love that show! I can still sit back and watch back to back episodes for hours together <3).

Read on to find out more.

Product Description:

I like how the product describes itself.
I transform your skin in six miraculous ways. I lighten and brighten the skin instantly by exfoliating dead skin cells. I deep clean with activated carbon that draws out dirt, oil and makeup. I nourish with restorative minerals and vitamins present in Himalayan Clay. I protect with an anti-bacterial shield provided by organic essential oils. I gently smoothen and I also tighten the pores leaving you looking younger, fresher and radiant as ever.

Method of Use:

Wash your face. Pat dry. Apply thin layer of the pack on your face and let it dry for 15 minutes. Rinse off. You may follow up with moisturizer. Use once a week for best results.

Price: 380 INR but I got it for an introductory price of 300 INR.

Ingredients: Bamboo charcoal powder, panthenol, tocopheryl acetate, emulsifying wax, juniper berry essential oil, aloe barbadensis, illlite, simmondisa seed oils, salix nigra bark extract, pterocarpus santalinus wood extract, citrus medica limonum, boswellia carteri oil, aqua.

Shelf Life: 2 years.

Packaging: The pack comes in a thick opaque tube which has a opening as wide as a toothpaste and facilitates to squeeze out right amount of product.

My Experience with Aroma Magic Activated Bamboo Charcoal 6 in 1 Pack:

I have been using this pack since 3 months now and I totally love it! I have always been tempted to try all the Aroma Magic products and this one was top among the wishlist. I am so glad that I got it and started using it. It does wonders to my skin. Lets check out its claims and how it holds true to them:

Lightening and brightening: It helps in warding off dead skin cells effectively. It does not have exfoliating particles like a scrub but since it has a creamy texture which dries upon application, it can be scrubbed off while removing the face pack and it works effectively in exfoliating the skin gently. My face immediately brightens up post application which gives visualization of a lighter complexion.

Deep cleansing: It holds 100% true to this claim. It deep cleanses amazingly. Once it is on my face, I can actually feel it working on my skin. It removes dirt and oil effectively and gives a squeaky clean feeling once washed off. I can see no traces of oil, dirt or makeup post application and I feel as if my skin has been revitalized, pampered and nourished

Nourishment: It does nourish the skin. I can vouch for this claim because I feel that my skin gets a healthy glow post application. It also makes my skin very soft and supple.

Anti-bacterial shield: It has not given me any breakouts so I believe it does have anti-bacterial properties which helps control sebum and acne.

Smoothening: It does an excellent job in giving smooth supple skin. I love to touch my skin after I use this face pack. It really evens out the skin by removing all impurities and hence helps in achieving a glow.

Tightening of pores: It helps to reduce pore size to a great extent and hence gives appearance of tightened and firm skin. This is a boon for oily skinned beauties who have large open pores.

The effect of this face pack lasts for almost a week post application which makes it a complete winner because most of the face packs give wonderful effects which are short lived. I use this once a fortnight and absolutely love how it pampers and protects my skin while giving me a healthy and radiant glow.

Just for laughs!! 
Like I said I look like that cute blackface creature from Tom & Jerry after applying this face pack so you would look something like this and if someone happens to see you while you have this on, they will look like Tom :D

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  • Holds true to the claims mentioned.
  • Deep cleanses and removes impurities imparting a healthy glow to the face.
  • Brightens the skin and gives visibly fairer looking skin.
  • Removes oil effectively and prevents breakouts to an extent.
  • Effect of the face pack lasts for almost a week.
  • Removes dead skin cells and makes skin soft and supple.


  • It can be a little messy to wash off considering the fact that it is cream based and black in color.

Would I recommend this product?

The product speaks for itself. Go grab it soon, I am sure you will love it.

Would I repurchase this product?

Yes!! I am thinking of stocking up a backup tube asap.

My Rating: 5/5 (It does its job really really well, washing off is your job which you have to do well so I am not deducting points for messy removal :P )

So go ahead girls, treat yourself with this amazing face pack. I have already referred this to many of my friends and they are loving it. :)

Have you tried Aroma Magic's Activated Bamboo Charcoal 6 in 1 Pack? Share your experience, thoughts, views via comments.

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