Thursday, December 19, 2013

Review: Herbal Essences Break's Over Anti-Breakage Strengthening Shampoo

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Work has been pretty hectic this week for me and I really missed posting here but I am happy that I am finally on my own domain name. :) So I am back today with a review of a shampoo which I have been using since quite sometime now. Herbal Essences shampoos have always caught my attention due to the packaging and the fragrances they are packed with. I have been suffering from terrible hair fall since a few days now and wanted to try something that would help me with the damage. Read on to find out whether this shampoo stood upto its claim and helped me in strengthening my hair.

Product Description (from official website):

don’t break up over hair breakage. my strengthening shampoo will help your hair find strength against damage. my formula, with a fusion of royal jasmine and sea silk, has an anti-breakage potion that strengthens & helps prevent hair breakage, leaving your hair luscious and loveable.

Behind the bottle directions:

Use me: Love that lather, rinse and repeat and you've got new found strength!

(It's as if the shampoo is expressing itself. LOL!)

Price: 205 INR for 300 ml (that is quite a lot of product for the price)

Shelf Life: 3 years.


Packaging: It comes in a tall sleek bottle with a push down cap which I like because it saves my nails from chipping off (you know how those flip open caps can just refuse to open and chip off your nails!) The packaging is attractive more so because it is vibrant and sleek and you instantly feel -'wow! so much product for 200 bucks! I should try it!'

My Experience with Herbal Essences Break's Over Anti-Breakage Strengthening Shampoo:

I have been using this shampoo since over a month now and honestly I have not seen any strengthening effect on my hair. The shampoo makes my hair shinier and they do appear to have gained volume once washed but the effect is short lived. I really had hopes from this product but it just came out as an amazing smelling, awesomely lathering shine inducing shampoo. It did not help in controlling further damage nor did it repair the existing damage. It comes in a lavender color which is very appealing to the eyes. The fragrance is that of Lavender with a hint of coconut which is not at all over powering and lingers for quite sometime after hair wash. I love the fragrance and that is one of the reasons I am still using this shampoo. A small quantity is required because it lathers up extremely well and will give you a squeaky clean feeling while shampooing :)
All in all this is a good shampoo for the price, the lather and the smell but if you are looking for a anti-breakage shampoo which will help you in strengthening your hair, stay away from this. I am just liking it for the shine it gives and the volume it imparts post wash.


  • Smells great and the smell lingers on for a good amount of time.
  • Imparts shine to hair.
  • Gives appearance of voluminous hair right after wash.
  • Lathers well.
  • Inexpensive for the amount of product you get.


  • Did not prevent my hair from breakage nor did it help in repairing already damaged hair.
  • Did not strengthen my hair.
  • Contains SLS.

Would I recommend this product?

Not really unless you want to try it for the fragrance and the fact that it imparts a nice shine to the hair.

Would I repurchase this product?

Nope! Will check out some other Herbal Essences shampoos.

My Rating: 3/5.

Have you tried this shampoo? How did it work for you? Do share your thoughts via comments.

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