Saturday, December 14, 2013

DIY: How to make a bling phone case - transform your clear case to a blingy one!

Hello Pretty Ladies,

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We girls lovely everything that's blingy and colorful, don't we? So here I am with a DIY which is purely blingy, pretty and girly! I am so excited to share today's DIY. I was browsing for phone cases online for my iPhone and came across these amazing bling cases. They were so colorful and blingy! I just couldn't resist the urge to try and make them at home. I came across this amazing online craft store called Craft Gully. I got many inexpensive embellishments, stickers, rhinestone stickers from there. I am sure you all will love this simple DIY and make your own phone cases. I really can't wait to share so let's let get started on how to make these awesome cases!

Things you will need:

1. Clear/transparent phone case, flip case or any case of your choice. I chose a transparent one so that the embellishments will stand out.
2. Fevi quick or any strong glue.
3. Embellishments of your choice. I have used a plastic badge, ribbon roses.
4. Stickers. Sky is the limit for selection. :)
5. Rhinestone stickers or you can even get loose rhinestones which you can glue on to the case.
6. Pearl stickers.
7. Gems or stones in various shapes, sizes and colors.

I got some of this stuff from Crafts Gully and some of it from a local crafts store.

This is just my version of how I made by bling case but of course you can customize and design according to your liking. There are no predefined steps as such because if you have some stickers, embellishments and rhinestones, you can put your imagination to work and decorate it the way you want but here I am sharing how I made mine. So lets get started..


Step 1: Make sure to get the border first. I combined blue, pink and white rhinestones and stuck them on the border alternating the sequence. Once you get the border done, it is easier to work your way inside the case.

Step 2: Stick on bigger embellishments. I put on a Hello Kitty badge (ya! I know I love Hello Kitty and currently am obsessed :D ) A paper sticker hat and a cute smiling heart. We are sticking on the bigger ones first so that we can fill in the gaps later.

Step 3: Create a border of pearl stick-ons surrounding the biggest embellishment placed in the center.

Step 4: I added a ribbon rose and a blingy butterfly to fill up the space. Also added a paper flower at the bottom to compliment the hat.

Step 5: Now fill up the left over spaces with gems or rhinestones or pearls of your choice.

Step 6: If you phone case has side edges, you can stick on gems or rhinestones there as well. Try to create a pattern. I used two colored gems alternatively.

Voila!!! you are done..! you have your own customized inexpensive bling phone case which you can flaunt off and let your friends keep guessing from where did you get it. :)

Why do I say they are inexpensive? 
I got the clear case for 100 INR for a single piece from eBay. I got the embellishments and stickers for less than 40 INR each and the quantity I have got will suffice to decorate 5-6 more cases. So roughly each case you make comes upto 150-160 INR. Isn't that awesome?!

This is how it sparkles in sunlight

I know it doesn't look that professional as the ones I saw online but this is my personalized case and I love how it turned out to be so I am happy :D In the US you get DIY deco kits to decorate your phone cases so if you want to try that option, you can but I like it this way because you get to mix and match and play with colors and embellishments of your choice.

These make an excellent gift option and I am sure the person to whom you are gifting these will love them more for the fact that you made them. I am gifting the Minnie Mouse case to my sister in law (hang on! I am not married.. I am talking about my brother's wife. English is a funny language *Sigh*). She has an iPhone 5. We are Apple freaks. The entire family has 4 iPhones and 2 iPads :D (not trying to show off but just trying to express my undying love for Apple)

I hope you all liked this DIY. I am waiting to flaunt these cases during my cousin's wedding which will be happening this month. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and try making your own cases and if you do, please share your recreations with me :)

How did you find this DIY? Have you ever experimented with such stuff? Do let me know your thoughts via comments :) I love reading them.

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