Friday, November 8, 2013

Swatches: Colorbar Pout In a Pot Lip color (4 shades out of 8)

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Yesterday i went to pick up some stuff from Colorbar but the only thing on my mind was the newly launched Pout in a Pot Lip colors. I wanted to buy atleast one shade to test and review but when i swatched few shades, i felt like grabbing all of them. They have got unique and wonderful shades in these cute little pots and the texture is just amazing. I picked up the shade Ange Rose (shade: PAP005) which is a blend of pink and mauve with purple undertones. I will be reviewing it soon :) .

These pots come in 8 amazing shades and the shade tricky orange is next on my wishlist.

The 8 shades are:
  • Tricky Orange (shade: PAP001) -- numbered 4 in my swatch image
  • Coral Slash (shade: PAP002) -- numbered 3 in my swatch image
  • Fabel Pink (shade: PAP003)
  • Rhythmic Pink (shade: PAP004)
  • Ange Rose (shade: PAP005) -- numbered 1 in my swatch image
  • Rosa Petal (shade: PAP006)
  • Tan Me Brown (shade: PAP007)
  • Charming Pink (shade: PAP008) -- numbered 2 in my swatch image
I could swatch only 4 out of these shades (refer the pic) because Rhythmic Pink and Fabel Pink were not available and the SA was too lazy to even open up the remaining pots *grump*.

Have you girls tried these new Colorbar Pout In a Pot Lip colors? Which one did you like? Do let me know through the comments :)

P.S. : Please excuse the poor quality of image :( The lighting was poor and i had to take the pic with my phone camera.

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  1. Lately i love this range, charming pick adorable !!

    1. Yeah. all the shades are amazing Gowthami, i wanted to pick them all :D i found Ange Rose unique so picked it up :)