Sunday, November 10, 2013

Simple Candy Nails Tutorial: Sponge Technique - Super easy, Super cute!

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Today is the last day of my week long break from work and I really really don't feel like going back to office :( I spent an amazing one week with family and my cousins. This was the best Diwali of all :) Today on a lazy Sunday afternoon (with Monday blues already on my mind) I felt like perking up my nails a bit since they were neglected completely since more than a week. I tried a simple nail art with the use of sponge and it turned out super cute so thought of sharing with you all. I used the sponge technique to create this nail art which is quite popular in the 'Nail Art world'. I have named this as Candy Nails because my nails looked like small candy bars with the color combination i used :)

Read on to find out how to create these cute candy nails with the use of sponge.

Things you will need:

Nail paints (2 shades of your choice)

Nail colors which I have used:

Maybelline Colorama in shade Intenso Sexy -- this is a fuchsia pink shade.
Lakme Fast & Fabulous in shade Aqua Blast -- this is a bright aqua blue shade.

Step 1: Color your nails with the base color (I have used Intenso Sexy).

Step 2: Cut out a small square shaped piece of sponge and insert the toothpick in it.

Step 3: Dab the second color (I have used Aqua Blue) on the sponge with the nail paint brush. Make sure to get a semi-thick layer.

Step 4: Now with the toothpick (with the sponge attached), dab the colored sponge on your colored nails on the upper half of the surface of the nails. Dab on for a second coat if you want to intensify the sponge effect and voila! you are done :)

You can then finish off with a top coat to save your nail polish from early chipping off which is a common problem I believe most of us must be facing.

The toothpick helps for better precision and application and also helps you to dab on the color easily. I have seen people using the sponge with directly with fingers but in that case if you have already colored nails of one hand, it will spoil your polish if you are applying polish to the nails of the other hand.

I believe most of you must be already knowing this sponge technique in nail art. You can mix and match, play with colors and textures to create different nail art patterns with the use of sponge. It is super easy and fun. Sponge gives the stippling effect to your nails which looks very cute.

I am thinking of trying on some more designs with sponge. If you guys have any suggestions, I will be more than happy to try them out and share :)

I hope you all liked this simple nail art. Have you tried the sponge technique in nail art? Please share your thoughts via comments.

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  1. Wow!! this is super cute gal :) <3 would love to try, thanks a lot for sharing :) simply loved your blog :) following you on fb and g+ :) that would be great if you follow me back :) nice to connect <3

    1. Thanks Jyoti :) following you back xoxo :)

  2. Its cute and lovely nail art girl :)
    <3'ed it :*

    1. Thanks Vipra :) your comment made me happy :)

  3. Omgsh so creative and talented you are ! Really loved it and gonna try it for sure !