Monday, November 25, 2013

Review: Vichy Normaderm Night Anti-imperfection + Rejuvenating Care - my HG night cream!

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I have been waiting to write a review for the Vichy Normaderm Night Anti-imperfection + rejuvenating care cream and I got a promotional email from medplusbeauty that they are offering a 30% discount on Vichy skincare (Offer valid till 2nd December 2013). So I thought of taking up this opportunity and writing this review about my HG night cream now so that you guys can avail the offer if you find my review helpful :) I have been using this cream since 6 months now and I really love it. 

Read on to find out more.

Product Description:

Reduces imperfections, Smoothes skin, restores luminosity.
Night after night, skin renewal is boosted. Skin becomes purified and visibly rejuvenated:
- imperfections are reduced, pores tighten, skin texture is refined.
- skin is visibly smoother, more luminous and more supple. Its youth is preserved.

Method of Use:

Apply every night after your daily skin care night routine on a clean face.

Ingredients (refer image):

Price: 850 INR for 30 ml.

Shelf Life: 3 years.


The product comes in a tube packaging. The tube nozzle is very tiny so a small amount of product comes out in a single squeeze which helps in controlling how much product you want to squeeze out.

My Experience with Vichy Normaderm Night Anti-imperfection + Rejuvenating Care:

I like how thoughtfully they have called it 'care' instead of cream because it spans across and addresses a lot of skin concerns which should be taken care of by a night cream. I will share all the claims of this night cream and how did the product live upto the claims via a detailed list:

Reduction in imperfections: Imperfection is a sophisticated term used by Vichy for acne/pimples :) well it does help in controlling breakouts but I believe that the cream alone would not work on them. When used in conjunction with a good skin care routine, it will work on your breakouts.

Tightening of pores, visibly smoother skin: Yes! it definitely helps in shrinking pore size and tightening pores which helps in smoothening out the texture of the skin. This will give you a visibly clear skin. It has helped me with shrinking my pores like a charm!

Supple, luminous skin: It does help in reducing pigmentation to a good extent and imparts a nice glow to the face when I wake up in the morning after keeping this cream overnight. Since the skin texture improves, it becomes soft and supple over a period of time. Trust me it does :)

It has helped me a lot in sebum accumulation. My skin has this tendency of getting oily (with excess sebum secretion overnight) and I wake up with oily and slimy face :( This cream has worked wonders for this problem. It helps control oil formation overnight and wake up to a dewy looking skin rather than landing up in an oil factory.

Hypoallergenic: It is hypoallergenic and hence suitable for those who have sensitive skin prone to allergies.

Non-Comedogenic: Perfect for those with oily skin/acne prone skin. It does not clog or block pores and does not lead to accumulation of sebum.

Texture of the cream: It is watery and you require a small amount to cover your entire face. The cream gets absorbed in a jiffy and I love this fact about this night cream. I tend to dislike creams that do not get absorbed easily into the skin. It gives a semi-matte feeling which remains till you rise and shine :)

This cream is dermatologically tested and hence safe to use. I have had no complaints whatsoever.


  • The cream helps in controlling breakouts and excess sebum secretion so you do not wake up with a oily face.
  • Tightens pores and makes skin visibly smoother.
  • Makes skin soft and supple.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Does all that a night cream should do (esp for oily/combination skinned beauties)
  • Gets absorbed quickly in the skin and gives a semi matte finish to the skin.
  • Very light on the skin.
  • Helps in maintaining a youthful glow on the face if used regularly with your night care routine.


I can't think of any!! Price may be a con for some but I feel it is totally justified as you need a small amount for single use and a tube will last for 3-4 months with daily usage.

Would I recommend this product?

Of course! grab it soon if you are in search of a perfect night cream.

Would I repurchase this product?

YES! YES! :) its my HG!!

My Rating: 5/5 :-*:-*:-*:-*:-*

Overall this is my HG night cream and I will keep using this until Vichy produces it:) So go on ladies give it a try and I am sure you will love it. Do check out the offer on medplusbeauty.

Have you used this night cream? How was your experience? Do share your thoughts via comments! 

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    1. Thanks Shreya :) that's so sweet of u

  4. I am grabbing this asap...thanx for the review

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    1. Thanks Vipra :) yea it is an amazing product

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    1. Thanks dear :) yeah it is a 5/5 product :)

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