Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Review: Khadi Hand & Foot Cleanser Lemon Pedicure

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Have you ever gone through a phase where you get so busy that you tend to neglect your hands and feet and you don't even have time to go to a salon for a pedicure or manicure? I go through this phase quite frequently because of a hectic schedule. I end up getting tanned feet and dry flaky skin on my feet due to negligence. At such times a wonder product comes to my rescue: Khadi Hand & Foot Cleanser Lemon Pedicure. I take few minutes off to pamper my feet (at times my hands) with this cleanser and I have soft, clean and presentable feet which makes me feel as if I just had a pedicure.

Read on to find out more.

Product Description:

An ayurvedic preparation for clean hand and feet. It helps to soften the dead skin cells for easy scrubbing. It is an ideal preparation for manicure & pedicure.

Method of Use:

Add required quantity in luke warm water, dip feet and hands for few minutes. Massage well and wash off with plain water.

Price: 110 INR for 210ml

Shelf Life: 2 years.


It comes in a flip top bottle. The bottle is transparent so you can see how much product is left in it.

My Experience with Khadi Hand & Foot Cleanser Lemon Pedicure:

This product has really worked wonders on my feet. I have tried it only twice on my hands and it worked great on my hands as well. Since I have used it more frequently on my feet, I will share my experience of a mini pedicure with this cleanser. I usually add 2 big tablespoons liquid in luke warm water and soak my feet in it for half an hour. After that I scrub my feet with a pumice stone. Once done I wind it up by applying moisturizer on my feet and massaging it into the skin. This product has a refreshing lemon fragrance which I absolutely love. It is a yellow colored liquid and forms good amount of lather when added to water and stirred. This cleanser leaves the skin feeling soft and supple. It removes all dead skin. Since it makes skin soft, it facilitates easy removal of dead and hardened skin with the help of pumice stone. It works really well in removing tan and dead skin. It also helped in healing cracked heels to some extent. All in all this a great product if you do not have enough time to visit a parlor and still want to get a pedicure or manicure done. This is my mini quick pedicure wonder product.

  • Removes dead skin effectively.
  • Makes feet soft and supple.
  • Facilitates easy removal of dead and hardened skin with the help of pumice stone.
  • Refreshing lemon fragrance.
  • Makes your feet look as if you just had a professional pedicure :)
  • It is an ayurvedic product and hence it is gentle on the skin.
  • Not easily available. (I ordered mine online)
Would I recommend this product?
Definitely yes! It is a great product if you do not have time for pedicure and want to pamper your feet at home.

Would I repurchase this product?
Yes! I am already on my second bottle.

My Rating: 4.5/5 :-* :-* :-* :-*

Go ahead ladies. Treat your hands and feet with this mini manicure/pedicure and your hands and feet will thank you for not neglecting them :)

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  1. Great review dear :) its sounds very gooddd :)

    1. Thanks Gowthami :) yea it is good . Do try it :)

  2. I should start taking care of my hands n legs too! Nice review...

    Follow each other ? Let me know... Thanks

    1. Thanks dear :) I'm following you :)

  3. I love Khadi products Nice Review dear :D

  4. Wonder if it would help in removing old tan from my hands.

    1. It works well in removing tan Sangeeta, you can try it :)

  5. This looks good :) I adore Khadi products, will definitely try this one :) nice review

    1. Thanks Jyoti :) I love Khadi products too :)

  6. I really want this one ! Lovely review sweets

  7. This sounds great. I was looking for something like this and came to your post! :)
    Second bottle? I think I should get this.