Friday, October 25, 2013

Fun Nail Art!! Some Random Nail Art Designs I Tried

Hi Girls,

Today i would be showcasing some of the nail art designs that i tried out recently. I love painting my nails and trying on new stuff on my nails.

Nail art is a fun way of expressing your creativity and at the same time making your nails look awesome.

Read on to find out how i have created these designs (Starting clockwise from left upper corner)

Design # 1: Place sellotape diagonally on lower half of your nail and paint the upper portion with the color of your choice. I chose navy blue color because the polka dots would stand out. With a striper or a toothpick, draw a line adjacent to the colored portion. Draw polka dots on the colored portion and you're done!

Design # 2: Color entire nail with a light color of your choice. Once it dries, place a sellotape in the upper half with the corner placed in the middle of the nail to get the shape as shown in the picture and paint the remaining lower portion with a dark color of your choice. A simple yet cool design :)

Design # 3: This was a futile attempt at creating an angry bird nail art :( nonetheless i will try to explain how i created this nail art. Paint the tips with a dark color and then white color over it leaving a border for the dark one to show up (refer the image) Draw a big oval in the middle finger and draw angry bird as in the pic :)

Design # 4: This a very pretty and simple nail art design. You will need fimo fruit stickers or any nail art stickers for this one. Simply color the tips of your nails with the color of your choice and stick on the fimo fruit stickers. Layer your nails with a glitter polish and you are good to go :)

I hope you all liked my attempts at nail art. Next time i will make a step by step tutorial for you all.

Thanks for stepping by dearies.

Take Care,